There are three ways to publish documents into Privia

Desktop integration: 

If the Privia Platform Client, or Enhanced Web Client is running, right click on a document on your desktop or in an explorer window and choose the option to "Publish to Privia." This brings up a dialog that lets you choose the location in Privia to store the document. There also is the option to drag and drop files from your desktop into the Platform Client, which invokes a publish action

MS Office integration: 

If Privia is running, you can work on the document within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and if you have the correct Add In installed, you can use the "Publish to Privia" item in your toolbar. In Office 2003, it is in your tools icon. In Office 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016, it is under the "Add-ins" in the ribbon.

Within Privia: 

From within the Privia Web, Privia Enhanced Web, and the Privia Platform client, you can right click on a folder name and choose the option to Publish a file into Privia and it will pop up a dialog to let you locate the file to put into Privia.