Yes, but with caveats.  The Privia application, to include the Privia Administrator, Privia Process Designer, and Privia Toolbar, is designed to work in a Windows environment that has the Microsoft .NET framework. Therefore, the integration aspect of Privia only works with Windows. Any user that is unable to install the Privia application or is on a non-Windows machine will need to use the Privia Pure Web client. The Privia Pure Web client works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Note that when you log in with the Web interface without the Privia application installed, you must prefix the domain of the server in your login information. So, for instance if your invitation has the following information:

Username: username

Password: PASSWORD



To access the server with this information, you would take the "servername" and add “/privia” at the end so that you would go to this URL:

When you are prompted for your user credentials, you would enter the information as follows:

Username: PRIVIASERVER\username

Password: PASSWORD