A user is created by using the administrator tool using the following steps. 

  1. Within the tool, right click on the Users Node located in the TreeView Pane to the Right. 
  2. In the context menu, select New User. 
  3. Enter the information about the user you wish to create: ie credentials, details , options, and roles. 
  4. The most important part will be checking the “User uses secure(SSL) connection” box. 
  5. Then select the organizations you want the user to be apart of as well as the specific Privia license type they will be assigned to.
  6. Click Ok and the user you just created should be in the list of users in the content pane of the user's node.


A user can only be created by an existing Privia administrator.

Once you have finished created your new user you will need to activate the user for them to be able to log in to Privia, to do this just right click on the newly created user in the the User node content pane and chose "Activate" from the context menu.