A user can be given administrator rights to Privia by an existing Privia administrator using the Privia administrator tool, and following the below steps:

  1. Within the tool, expand the User Rights Assignment Node. This action will open a list of different permission levels. 
  2. Right click on the Administrators Group. 
  3. Select “Add Users…” from the Context Menu
  4. A box containing available users who are currently not assigned administrator rights will appear. 
  5. Click on a user you wish to add as an Administrator and click OK at the bottom of the Dialog
  6. Once you click OK, the system will enter them into the list of current administrators, and their name will appear in the content pane for the Administrators User Rights group 
  7. Once the user has been added, right click on the user in the content pane to produce a context menu with the option to “Invite Administrator… “ 
  8. Select this option and the user will receive an email containing instructions on how to download the administrator tool and the credentials needed to access the tool.


This can only be done through the administrator tool.

When adding a user to the Administrator User Rights Group, extreme Caution should be used since this new user has a lot more power to do different actions in Privia