There are two ways to synchronize your profile. The preferred method is to exit the client and run the Privia Profiler

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Select All Programs
  3. Select the Privia folder
  4. Select Privia Profiler
  5. Select "Edit an existing profile", click next
  6. Select your profile from the drop-down, click next
  7. Enter you password in the space provided, click next
  8. Click Finish

A second method is to use the Platform Client and click on the Synchronize button in the Tools menu.

  1. Within the Privia Platform client, click the Tools menu
  2. From the tools menu, click the Synchronize menu item
  3. On the Synchronize click the top button labeled “Rebuild cache completely”
  4. Click OK

*This is a quick "mini-sync" that can be used if there was small change that was just made and you are not seeing information, if no changes are seen after doing the "mini-sync" then log out and use the above method to do a full re-sync


The difference between the two methods is that the Privia Profiler wipes out the local MDB file that is used for maintaining synchronization. The second method just updates the MDB file with differences from the server. If the MDB file has been corrupted with a partially updated record or was not shut down cleanly, the second method will not clear the MDB file and the error will remain. So, using the Privia Profiler is the best approach to fix synchronization issues every time.