This is most likely due to one of three different scenarios

Scenario 1:

The user may not be a member of the particular workspace or organization and thus has no visibility inside of them


add the user to the workspaces or organizations that they need access to

Scenario 2:

The user may be out of sync with the server and may need to re-sync their profile in order to view the objects.


Use the Privia Profiler to re-sync with the following steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Select All Programs
  3. Select the Privia folder
  4. Select Privia Profiler
  5. Select "Edit an existing profile", click next
  6. Select your profile from the drop-down, click next
  7. Enter you password in the space provided, click next
  8. Click Finish

Scenario 3:

Permissions may not be set up correctly; this is usually the case if the actual objects are visible but you don't have access to do anything with them


You can change the permissions for files, folders, and workspaces by Right Clicking on the specific object and selecting properties from the context menu