Any time one of the data providers changes the format of their site, the Privia Toolbar needs to be updated to reflect the changes.


If you try to download an opportunity and it does not come in at all, do the following:

  1. Check your “Intelligence” workspace to see if the page was not recognized
  2. Make sure that when you click the toolbar page you are on the site that has the data. 
  3. If the pipeline folder is created but no data appears in your Web pipeline display, contact with the name of the opportunity and the data provider so that we can try to see if the data provider has an error on the page.
  4. Record the date/time that you tried the import and send it to if Privia LLC runs your server. If your server is run by your own company you will want to go to the Privia Administrator to get them to pull the Opportunity engine logs.
  5. If you get an error -33, contact your Privia Administrator to have them restart the Java engine on the server