Since the Pipeline Workspace in part of the Workflow process there are certain permissions and processes associated with creation of new folders, the folders that are under the pipeline workspace each correspond to a pipeline opportunity. 


To create a new pipeline opportunity follow the below steps:

  1. Login to Privia Web or Enhanced Web 
  2. Click on the "Pipeline" Node in the Navigation Menu to the left (if you cannot see it, change to a persona with access to the pipeline node).
  3. At the top of the Pipeline page, use the Organization drop down to choose the target organization you wish to add an opportunity to
  4. Select the “New” button that appears at the top of the Pipeline page (under the filters). 
  5. This button can be used to create the new pipeline opportunity.

The pipeline workspace for each user is a system managed workspace. A pipeline workspace has the following limitations:

  • The pipeline workspace cannot have subworkspaces
  • Top level folders for the pipeline must be created through the Web Pipeline view
  • The pipeline workspace cannot be created manually. It is automatically created when the user logs on with the Web client and clicks on the Pipeline navigation item
  • Pipeline workspaces cannot be archived
  • Pipeline workspaces cannot be transferred from one user to another through the adminisrtator tool
  • Ownership of a pipeline workspace cannot be changed
  • Subfolders of pipline folders can be created manually