This issue could stem from multiple different scenarios but the three most common are below:

Scenario 1 - You must have Launch Rights

These are rights that are given through the Admin Tool by an administrator, by following the below steps:

  1. As an administrator open the admin Tool
  2. In the TreeView on the Left Hand side Expand the "User Rights Assignments" node
  3. Right Click the "Process Authors" group
  4. Select "Add Users" from the context menu
  5. Select the  particular user you wish to add to the group and Click "OK"
  6. The user should now show in the content pane to the right 

Repeat the above steps for the "Repository Author" group as well

Scenario 2 - You must have a process created  that you are member of and the process must be validated through the process designer

If you need help with this please reach out to your Privia Administrator and have then look at the Tech Note titled "Providing a User with Launch Rights"

Scenario 3 - You must have local workspace creator rights

These rights are also given through the Admin Tool by an administrator.

Repeat the steps from scenario 1 for the "Local Workspace Creators" group