When the Privia Platform client is installed and a user is connected with Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11, a Privia icon will appear in the task-bar. If the Privia icon is not present, then the browser is using the Privia Pure Web client. If the Privia icon is not present, it may be disabled through the Privia User Options or a setting on the computer is blocking the use of ActiveX in Internet Explorer. 


To disable Internet Explorer integration (Enhanced Web) follow the below steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start Menu 
  2. Click “All Programs” 
  3. Select the “Privia” folder 
  4. Click “Privia User Options” 
  5. Uncheck the last box that is labeled “Internet Explorer” 
  6. Click “OK” 
  7. Exit Internet Explorer 
  8. Log in to the Privia Web Client with the following URL



If you do not know your server name you may need to reach out to your Privia Administrator.

Firefox and Safari are two other supported browsers which will automatically open the Pure Web version of Privia