The Privia User Options is an application that is installed with the Privia Platform Client.  It can be found in the Start menu under the Privia node.  

Normally all options are enabled except for Microsoft Outlook integration.  The options include:

  • Show reminder when opening files for editing:  When this option has been enabled, a reminder will be displayed to indicate that the document has been locked on the Privia server.
  • Set "N/A" status:  When this option is enabled, the client will change the membership icon for the logged in user if they have not moved the mouse or typed on the keyboard for the duration selected for the N/A status.  When unchecked the user icon will never go into the N/A status state.
  • Microsoft Office:  When this option is enabled, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint will display a "Publish to Privia" tool in the application ribbon. 
  • PowerPoint In-line Commenting:  When this option is enabled, PowerPoint 2007 and above will allow inline comments that are anchored to objects on each slide.  When this option is disabled, comments can be made on individual slides but not related to specific objects on the slide.
  • Microsoft Outlook:  This option is off by default as not all Privia customers use Microsoft Outlook.  When this option is enabled, a "Publish to Privia" tool is added to the individual message application window.  This feature enables individual messages to be published to the special "Email" folder that can be associated with workspaces.
  • Windows Shell:  When this option is enabled, right clicking on a document in Windows Explorer will generate a menu with the "Publish to Privia" tool in the Explorer ribbon.
  • Internet Explorer:  When this option is enabled, Internet Explorer will attempt to detect the installed Platform Client.  If Internet Explorer is able to start the Platform Client, the UI will change to the Enhanced Web interface.  If this option is disabled or Internet Explorer is unable to detect or start the Platform Client, the UI will default to "Pure Web".  In Pure Web, the commenting tool is not available.

The Privia User Options tool also includes some troubleshooting buttons:

  • Clear Logon Settings:  If the feature to allow users to save their passwords on login is enabled for a system users can check a box when they start the Privia client.  This is convenient when a user always connects to the same server.  Clicking this button will clear the flag in the client which will force the client to request that the user select the profile to use on startup.
  • Clear Passwords:  The Privia Platform Client uses the same .NET framework that Internet Explorer uses.  On occasion when a user changes their password, the .NET framework can cache the password such that the user is unable to log in with the new password.  Clicking this button will cause the .NET framework to flush the cache of passwords.
  • Email Log to Support:  In the event that there is a problem with Privia connectivity, Privia support may request a copy of the client log.  Clicking this button will open an email and attach the client logs and set the to address to the configured support email for the client.