The Privia Profiler is a tool that is installed with the Platform Client.  It can be located in the Start menu under the Privia node.  

The Privia Profiler is used to create a user's initial profile, set the registry for the options the user has selected, and configure the Internet Options for the Enhanced Web UI to operate.  It is also used after a Privia failure or crash to ensure the integrity of the local cache.  

Note:  When Privia first starts it synchronizes with the server.  This is a different process than what the Privia Profiler does.  The startup synchronization only obtains changes that have been made on the server since the client was last run but does not rebuild the cached view of the user's profile.  The Privia Profiler takes longer to synchronize as it flushes the cached view of the user's profile and downloads it fresh from the server.