All transactions between the Privia Client or Web browser are logged both on the server and on the client. Logging is done in three locations:

  1. The client log is stored in c:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Privia
  2. Raw transactions containing internal database references are logged for every communication with the server including heartbeats. This is primarily used for diagnosing issues with a server.
  3. A dereferenced log is created for auditing purposes for all transactions that affect user objects, workspace objects, or file objects. This is primarily used for auditing user interactions with the server and does not contain such information as heartbeats between the server and the client.

Servers operated by Privia LLC retain logs for 6 months. A log file is generated for every day that the server has any communications with an end user. Customers can obtain a copy of the log files through a request to Privia Support. Frequently requests for access to the audit logs revolve around a sensitive event in which customers do not want to disclose the username or the name of the object that is being investigated. For this reason the Privia support team will zip up the latest 6 months of logs (of both types) and make this information available to a technical point of contact for the server. Only technical points of contact may request access to the logfiles.