Privia handles these scenarios a little different depending on what happens. If a user gets disconnected from the internet, Privia will go into offline mode and the comments or edits will still exist on the local machine and can be submitted or uploaded when that user reconnects.  However, if the computer loses power and or crashes to the point where all open applications force close or freeze, the comments and or edits that you are making will get lost with the rest of the information in the other applications you were working with.

With this being said the best practice is to always save the files you are currently working with often.

Also if your system does crash for some reason causing the application to force close you might still be able to recover your “Edits” you were making. To do this, you can first check your local cache on your machine to see if the edits still exist, and they don’t you can try and check the recent documents that get AutoSaved in many of the Office Applications for the edits.