Each Privia profile has a Time Zone associated with it. This is important when using features such as the Event Calendar because events can be created using other time zone. Upon logging into Privia Web for the first time, a User will be prompted to select their Time Zone. A user who has not logged into Privia Web will have their Time Zone default to the Time Zone set by the server; if a User is not on the same Time Zone as the server or travels regularly, they may want to change their time zone regularly.


In order to change the Time Zone on a profile, a user must log into Privia Web as there is not a method to do so using the Platform Client. Once logged into the Web, there will be a "Tools" button along the top of the screen which will need to be expanded by clicking on it and then clicking on the "Settings" button.

Once the settings dialog is open, there will be another button that says "Change Time Zone". When that button is clicked, there will be another prompt for the user to change their Time Zone to whatever they desired similarly to when they log into Privia Web for the first time. 

Once the desired Time Zone is selected, click OK and it will be set!